Zinc Benzoate

CAS No: 553-72-0
Einecs No: 209-047-3
HS Code: 2916310090
Molecular Formula: C14H10O4Zn
Molar Mass: 307.6358 g/mol


Brief Introduction

1.Zinc Benzoate Introduction
2.Zinc Benzoate in A.M FOOD CHEMICAL CO.,LIMITD.
Product data
3.Zinc Benzoate Uses
3.1 Zinc benzoate pvc
3.2 As a Feed Additive Ingredient:
3.3 As an Antimicrobial Agent in Pigment Coating
3.4 As a Food Preservative in Substitution of
Sodium Benzoate
4. Zinc Benzoate Specification
4.1 Appearance
4.2 CAS Number
4.3 Chemical formula
4.4 Molar Mass:
4.5 Structure:
4.6 Zinc Benzoate Solubility
4.7 Zinc benzoate melting point

Zinc Benzoate Introduction

Zinc Benzoate is the Zinc salt of Benzoic acid. While it can be used as a food preservative like the more commonly used Sodium Benzoate, this rare Benzoic salt is primarily used as an industrial additive in the PVC and coating industries. There are also feed additive manufacturers exploring its used as a substitute of Zinc Oxide in swine feeds.


Zinc Benzoate In A.M FOOD CHEMICAL CO.,LIMITD. Product Data

Appearance: White powder, odorless and tasteless.

Properties: Odorless or has a slight odor of benzoic acid, Relatively stable under light conditions, It can be dissolved in water.

Application: Used as preservatives in food, and can supplement the human body’s need of zinc, amount refer to sodium benzoate, and its effect is better than that of sodium benzoate.


Content (dry basis): 99.0-100.5%

1:10 water solution chroma (platinum-cobalt scale) Hazen : 20 max

Solution clarity test: Passed test

Easy oxide test: Passed test

PH(as NaOH): Passed test

Heavy metals (as Pb): 0.00001% max

Arsenic (as As): 2mg/kg max

Sulfate as(SO4): 0.001% max

Chloride (as Cl): 0.0003% max

Phthalic acid: Passed test

Loss on drying: 1.5% max

Packing: 25kg cardboard pail

Uses of Zinc Benzoate

As a PVC Heat Stabilizer Ingredient

Zinc Benzoate can be used as an ingredient in PVC heat stabilizers designed for transparent and flexible/semi-rigid PVC materials.

Depending on the specific stabilizer formula, Zinc Benzoate makes up 1% – 4% of the total stabilizer mixture. Although stabilizer manufacturers might have different considerations when adding Zinc Benzoate to their products, this ingredient primarily mitigates PVC’s whitening effects caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and submersion in water.

As a Feed Additive Ingredient

In face of the coming 2022 ban of Zinc Oxide in EU and its restricted uses world wide, the feed additive industry has been looking for an alternative chemical to both serve as an animal Zinc supplement and to prevent post-weaning diarrhoea among piglets.

Zinc Benzoate has been actively considered by some of the leading companies in the feed additive industry as an alternative to Zinc Oxide.

As an Antimicrobial Agent in Pigment Coating

Zinc Benzoate serves as an antimicrobial agent in pigment coatings.

Due to its relatively high solubility, which may not always be desirable in coatings, Zinc Benzoate is usually used in protected coatings with slow-releasing mechanisms.

As a Food Preservative in Substitution of Sodium Benzoate

Zinc Benzoate can be used as a substitute of Sodium Benzoate when there is a sensitive cap on the food’s Sodium content. It has an antimicrobial mechanism similar to the more common Sodium Benzoate.


White Crystalline Powder with Various Particle Sizes for Various Purposes:

a.400 mesh ultra-fine powder
b.80-150 mesh fine powder
c.40-60 mesh coarse powder
d.Other particle sizes are also possible,please contact us for details

Other Name(s):
Zinc Dibenzoate; Benzoic acid, zinc salt (2:1)

CAS Number:

Chemical formula:


Molar Mass:
307.6 g/mol


Zinc Benzoate Structure

Zinc Benzoate Solubility

Zinc benzoate has a water solubility of 23.95 ± 1.18 g/L at 20 ± 1.0 °C and pH 5.5 to 5.8.

zinc benzoate melting point (ºC): 2485

Acidity, Alkalinity, and Zinc Content:

The acidity, alkalinity, and Zinc content are subject to adjustments as per customer requirements. We supply Zinc Benzoate of various specifications and processes.


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